Sunday, January 11, 2009

I am BAD

Michael Jackson said it and every one loved it.

But bad yes BAD, wicked, ugly, dirty.....all this and even more is not something that I as a woman can afford to be.

Now do not say who wants to be all this. Who wants to be bad. It is bad thing to be bad.

Right. But all I want is please give me the right to be human. Let me be good and bad. Why I as a woman expected to be just good. No I want to be complete, complete with my goodness and badness.

It is sad and heartbreaking to see that women around me do not get justice forget that even a benefit of doubt for they are bad women...

Why? Why? One thing for all those chairs which are supposed to deliver justice or scream orders are occupied by men, good men and bad men, but mostly men.

My idea let there me more women, women and more women.
Even better, bad women( bad as in men).