Monday, April 17, 2006

The lost self

Hi, I am back. It is so very easy to loose self. The idea of simply shutting off is so very alluring. But then how long can one can do that with so many things happening around. Here is the list :
Medha Patkar of Narbada Bachao Andolan shows the way to make the mighty bend. Against all odds, the frail lady in cotton saree and white hair made sure that 35000 displaced families due to the Narbada Dam get their due rehabilitation. Kudos Medha.

True to her style Arundhati Roy showed how to live and fight for convictions. The Booker Lady with her NBA protest and arguments proved her mettle.

Amir Khan, some say has found his calling in life but then when he spoke up for the NBAs and the Bhopal Gas tragedy victims, he deserves a standing ovation.

Narender Modi once again proved how shallow, callous and inhuman he is by all the drama he put up for his incomplete 51 hour hunger strike. Shame Modi.

Back home Siddharth now begins his journey into a new school. He is in class upper kindergarten and will now be integrated with normal children.

Relationships continue to fox me and I remain as confused as ever.

Signing off :