Monday, October 23, 2006

The Journey

It is strange and tiring and I am at least for my self have begun to show the signs of fatigue.

I always thought that my journey for and of life began with that of Sid and in this search I came upon friends who became my short cuts. They smoothened the path when I found it difficult to walk upon....they helped me go on and on when I felt I could not walk a step more.

But now I feel there are no shortcuts in ones journey. My privileges have now become my lack of ability to combat life. And what all along with my own self forget at time is that I am a born fighter .....

So once again I begin my walk search to find a place under the Sun for Sid and myself.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sid joins normal children

This is what I have been hoping of and striving for all these years.................

Sid finally gets to join a class of normal children. As per the Indian system of Education, Sid is now in UKG. Children of his age are in a year ahead of him. But then fine for me and more than that for Sid- my Lil Buddha.

The amazing fact about Sid is that he has this huge capacity to learn and remember. He picks up the spelling in a day and so does the mathematical sums. His short term recall memory is slightly bad but then over the time he is improving a lot.

The issue that troubles me with him is that he is too much into repetitive behaviour. He can ask one question ten times and that too in one go. This behaviour for others is annoying specially for the ones who do not know or can not judge that Sid is autistic