Monday, May 26, 2008


At present I stand at crossroads.... and once again it is for Sidharth. When this boy was just two and half years old I had to chose my path... one that led to him and only him and the other that kept me on the track which every one my family, a good section of friends and honestly even a part of me wanted to stay on.. the usual marriage and family......

Anyways that is past.....and the choices have been long made.......but now once again I have to make some choices. Sidharth has been following his routine of behavioural therapy for quite some time now and suddenly I am told that in case he is put in a gluten free casein free diet, he can be cured of his autism. Confusing, for the data available on the net, for and against this theory, is equal.

Changing an entire diet plan, no wheat, no milk or milk products for an eight year old child who loves his fare share of chapattis, cookies and simply can not live without paneer is very tough and if I do not do that, will I be loosing out on a chance to cure my son.

I do not know, I just want the best for him but for now I am confused. I have been postponing this decision for very very long now and now I know it is not possible to postpone it any further. I have to take a decision but what.................

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Khuda ke liye.................

At first I felt that this picture was kind of anti Americans. And as I voiced this opinion about the film to one of my friends the reply I got shook me from within. He remarked, " see America and Americans from the eyes of a Muslim."

Yes this film is a must must see. Must see for this film invokes in one self, totally new feelings, sensitivity and emotions. Directed by Shoaib Mansoor, it is common knowledge that this film is a great hit. It has a great music, excellent cast, story line, music, direction and this list of greats can go on and on. But amidst all these greats the film sends across its message of humanity so strongly and beautifully that it makes one cry.

While watching the film one cries when Shaan goes through his pain of being branded as a terrorist or when Maryam is duped into marrying her cousin who is a muslim fanatic and one cries even for Sarmad as his travels from a liberal to fanatic and them back. And after the film ends one cries for one self for how heartless, how inhuman we all have become.

This is one film which I recommend to all those friends of mine or those people who love to trash Islam and Muslims, all those people who without even having known a single Muslim throughout their lives, yet love to say that all Muslims are terrorist or that Islam is a regressive religion.

I will not go into the debate of religion for I personally do not believe in any one of them but yes I can never trash a person just because he or she belongs to certain religion, cast, creed or colour.

Khuda ke liye is a film for all of us for it helps bring to life those beautiful feelings that are we have all buried deep into our hearts.

Khuda ke liye watch Khuda ke liye.... give your self a chance........

Thursday, May 01, 2008


Clich'ed it may sound but I am back and interestingly a friends of mine brought me back here. In her process of creating a blog I decided to revisit mine.

So much has changed not around me but in me and I like the changes. It is no use going over the reasons that have brought about these changes for they are nothing but reasons, it is me that I am loving more by each day.
Love yourself first and only then can you spread love around. I have been told this many a times in my life but then the meaning of this statement it depth and its magnaimity hit me in its true self just recently.
I am not ashamed to admit this for it is not very easy to find one self in all the humdrum around us. The noises inside me and the out side never let me meet my self.