Monday, April 02, 2007


It has been four months that I have stayed away and today a friend's mail helped me find my way back. So here is a big thanks to my friend first.

As I try to sift through my thoughts, searching for these little things that I want to share I find so many little butterflies flying inside me. No these are no butterflies in my stomach but little colourful thoughts, all so beautiful, all so very personal. And the most beautiful is Sidharth.

So here he is. Sidharth completed his first year in a normal school. At the end of the session I was given this report card which said, `promoted as per ability'. Along with the report card came a host of other comments. But what intrigued me the mostand continues to do till date is that Sidharth's psychologist has found his, `type of mind,' as `unsure mind'. This set me thinking.

It is one thing that Sid is very sure of his mind at times to the limit of madness. This apart do we need to regiment our brains to be sure. How would that be sure, fixed, straight, minds. What about creativity ? How will Sid learn to spread his wings and fly towards the sky if he has a sure mind. For a sure mind would know that humans do not have wings to fly.