Sunday, July 27, 2008

Lets sweat it out toghether

Dear Badals,

And by this I mean all but only those belonging to the high fi political family of Punjab. But then I would leave the little children out for I would never like to see them go through a life that the patriarch of this family Parkash Singh Badal has put the thousands and lakhs of children of Punjab through.
No power for almost entire day and the man who wants to be remembered as the architect of modern Punjab is actually sending us all back to the days of no power. No power in a state that prides itself for this Bhakra Dam and what not. Wow!!!
I invite the Badals to spend just one day sweating it out with the people. No I do not mean sweating out during the elections. This they do for power and not sewa like the senior Badal loves to say each time. It smacks of hypocrisy.
And above all the state which is reeling under power crisis which the experts say will only worsen, Badal junior, Sukhbir, asks his party MPs to vote against the N Deal. Take a walk some where far from Punjab, Sukhbir.

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