Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Lets SCREAM..............

They are screaming, ranting, shouting, hurling abuses. They are pained, disgusted and much much more than that. At least this is what, we here, sitting in Punjab thousands of miles from Mumbai get to see and hear. Mumbai is angry... every paper and new channel says.
Is Mumbai really angry? This is what I want to know for if this city and the Mumbaikars are really angry then there is some hope but if it is only for the papers and the television then it is better forgotten.

But then why is Mumbai angry? Because of the terror attack! This is not the first attack then why is Mumbai screaming now? Why did Mumbai or any of us scream, shout, hurl abuses when Punjab was burning or when rather even now as I write this, some family would be getting killed at the hands of terrorists in Kashmir or human rights would be trampled beneath the feet of armed forces in the North East... hell why is Mumbai screaming now.

They are screaming, they say our democracyos joke, they want president's rule, they want all politicians hung and people like Simi Garewal (sic) wants India to start a war on Pakistan. But then our democracy is not a joke and not even out polity. Simi Garewal can ask for a war for she knows she will never have to go on the border to fight. Leave that no one will even invite that haggard lady to come and entertain the forces.

And if she is ever called, then some channel will call her and there in TV dressed in white, this lady can again call for yet another war and also say, " lets keep a silence of two minutes for our dead soldier" (sic).

Scream, please do scream, respond please do not react, let Mumbaikars, Chennaikars, Ludhianakars every possible damn `kar' scream, but please scream each time someone is shot dead by the terrorist and let that be anywhere in the world. Open up your arms, broaden your boundaries, let us scream and scream for PEACE.

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