Sunday, March 22, 2009

Recession and me

It is recession and it is hitting us all bad. Friends, family and so many people I know around me are loosing jobs.The only ones who I think are not loosing jobs are the ones who are making the lists....

Funny but true and so are many other things.

Read this.

A female friend who worked for a media concern was asked by her HR manager as to how desperately did she need the job which he was going to take away anyways. My friend was at loss for a reply. The HR manager told her that he knew that she came from a wealthy family and that this job was not her bread and butter but her jam, so she could well give up her job for a male who was the bread winner of the family.

The HR manager who was a male also told her that the company had decided to first strike out the female employees for they were not the bread winners of the family (sic) and that the jobs were meant for men who along with the fact that they had to sustain families also had to sustain their self respect and egos through their jobs.

What did my friend do, she walked out of this meeting.

The recession is hitting us women anyways whether we or our husbands or our fathers or our brothers are losing the jobs. Yet my reply to that HR manager would have been that first please do not compare me to any man. We all have our circumstances to handle and deal in. Recession or bad times having nothing to one being male or female.

Secondly working for women is just not about money, it is about empowerment and self respect.By taking away my job you are taking away my independence, my empowerment which has not come to me easily. I had to fight for this and continue to do so till date. Harsh time do mean some corrective steps but do not in ways mean taking away my independence and my self respect.

I hope this HR manager and others like him do stumble upon this article before they throw out a a female employee from their company on the plea that she is not the bread winner of the family. Yes I am not the bread winner of the family but I am the pride of the family.

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