Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy Birthday

Sidharth turns nine this 15th. Even today I can clearly feel his skin as I did when the doctors placed him in my hands at the time of his birth. The Sidharth greyish blue with shades of pink. He looked like a monkey and my first words were, "This can't be my baby."

These words came true a few years later. True Sidharth could never be my baby. He was never meant to be a child. He is the Father, the Guider and the Path Leader. I became his baby soon and Sidharth taught me how to live. This is probably true for all parents who however soon forget to learn and become master's of their own children. In case of Sihdarth this could never happen for he was a person who had his own way to live life, call him Aspergeous, Autistic, ADHD or what ever, the labels simply do not matter, here was a child determined to live his own life, in his own style and my his rules. We all around him became his students.


Sunil Aggarwal said...

Happy Birthday, Sidharth

shubh cheema said...

very nice blog amrita...why u have stopped updating it ?..hows Sidharth doing ? name is shubh cheema